EasyCut 4500 Elite - Easy Box Cutter

EasyCut 4500 Elite

SKU: 789797093463_1_1_HD


  • Precise single blade setting
  • Blade auto retract
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Clip-on holster & lanyard
  • Ambidextrous edge guides
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This cutter features a single-blade setting to open boxes without damaging the contents! Unlike standard box cutters that require cutting above or below the contents to avoid damage, EASY-CUT 4500 allows you to cut anywhere on the box while maintaining the integrity of the goods inside! This product’s brand name is Box Cutter 4500. Easy-Cut 4500 grey is just the perfect choice since grey has no agenda!!

The on-board blade storage enables fast and tool-free blade changes and storing of up to two blades in the blade storage compartment. Easy-Cut 4500 can be used by both left & right hands (ambidextrous). It has two extendable edge guides for controlling blade depth and making accurate top cuts. It slides back into a locked position when the cut is complete. The revolutionary “Blade Vanishing Technology” of the EASY-CUT 4500 in grey color allows the blade to rapidly retract inside when it loses contact with the cutting surface, protecting amateur and professional users alike and preventing unintentional blade release. EASY-CUT 4500 in grey is the number 1 choice for millions of people across the world because of its radius-blunt tip blade! An innovative clip-on holster and lanyard (stretches up to 6 feet) with 360 -degree rotation allows convenient and safe storage while eliminating accidents and downtime spent looking for misplaced cutters. So, get your 4500 series box cutters now and enjoy cutting in various ways!

Additional information

Weight 3.5 oz
Dimensions 6 × 1.75 × 1.5 in


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